A Rather Morbid Self-Portrait
 Oil and Acrylic On Plexiglass, Found Branch | 2013  The lovebirds depicted in my piece are to commemorate those I owned as pets before their unfortunate deaths. I grew attached to every bird I had and noticed specific, unique features about, not only their personalities, but how their personalities were reflected in the way they died.   Each piece is made of layers of plexiglass stacked to represent different dimensions, literally and figuratively. The bottom portrays the birds, the top layers portray their stories. Each anatomical aspect of the piece provides an insight to each bird’s lamentable, yet inevitable departure - even the most innocent, beautiful creatures perish. In the end, salvaging what is already dead is ineffectual, while remembering what each living thing represents in different dimensions is everlasting.
Chad and Sunny
Side View
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